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Latinx Presente'

Call to Performing Artists

Virtual Festival of the Arts - October 24, 2020 - November 15, 2020
Performing Artists: Call for entry! 


All performing artists preserving the Latinx culture in Pinellas County are invited to submit entries for a virtual festival during Latinx Heritage Month. Musicians, Dancers, Singers, Poets, Writers, Actors of all nationalities in the Latinx diaspora!

Share your artform, your culture, your voice by submitting performances to be featured in a high-tech virtual festival.

Once your submission has been accepted, you
are eligible for a $50 stipend for your participation.

Latinx Presente! Virtual Festival of the arts will be featured at the conclusion of Y Donde Esta Mi Gente:
Latinx inVISIBLE on October 24th, 2020.


The event, a convening of Latinx voices in Pinellas County, is produced by Estrategia Group and sponsored by The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, which seeks to support community driven solutions and empower change driven by meaningful action. The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg pursues a mission of race equity to attain health equity and improve population health. This community-led convening is to explicitly begin listening to the barriers/challenges to achieving health equity that exist among Latinx people in Pinellas County.

Submit by October 12, 2020


  • Record between 3 and 6 mins of performance,

  • Put your settings at 4k if you have that option and with 24fps.

  • The video should be recorded horizontally, so we are able to get a full screen filled with your performances.

  • Please test your recording to ensure there is enough lighting, the sound is not distorted. We will not be able to use the submission in the festival, if the sound is poor/it is not lit sufficiently.

  • Please include an intro in your taping. It should include:

i. Your name/group name and the names/roles/instruments
   of fellow participants. You are welcome to represent
   your nationality in the intro.
ii. Provide the name/title of each piece
iii. Pause for 3-5 seconds before and after each piece.
iv. Mention Latinx Presente! Virtual Festival of the Arts.

  • Videos from non-dated, non-event specific performances are acceptable with a new recorded intro.


Latinx Presente' 

Virtual Festival of the Arts Submission Form

¿y dónde está mi gente? LatinX inVISIBLE


Are you a Visual Artist in the Ekeko Exhibition? 

Need a safe performance space to record your video?

Need an affordable camera operator? 

Candido has you covered - connect with us by email-

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