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First Night

Call to Performing Artists Submission Form

Virtual First Night Festival of the Arts - December 31st

First Night 2021.jpg

If you have any issues with your submission please connect by email -

If you have any questions about the event, anything First Night - please contact Jamie McWade by email - 

Here are some tips for recording your video submission

  • Record a 10- 15 min performance with your mobile device. Put your settings at 4k if you have that option and with 24fps.  

  • Video should be recorded horizontally, so we're able to get a full screen filled with your performances.

  • When recording, please ensure that there is plenty of light behind the camera, (facing you) near a window on a sunny day is best.

  • Please test your recording to ensure there is enough lighting, the sound is not distorted. We will not be able to use the submission in the concert if the sound is poor/it is not lit sufficiently. 

  • Please include an intro in your taping.  It should include:

    • Your name, group name and the names/roles/instruments of fellow participants.   

    • Pause for 3-5 seconds before and after each piece.

    • Provide the name/title of each piece

    • Wish the audience A Happy New Year or mention 2021 at some point in your recording. Please keep it positive

    • Mention First Night St. Petersburg

The deadline for submission is November 30th

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