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Move to the Connected Age of Purpose

Do you ever feel a bit industrial?

According to Gallup poll, 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at "work", but why? Is it that you or the organization you are associated with are clinging to the Industrial mindset of work? Move beyond the Work Smarter mentality and instead Play Better, lead with kindness. Let us show you how.


Release Your Inner Freedom

Let's Talk Big Dreams, you know, the ones you have silenced since childhood. Discover your Superpowers in this 20 minute exploratory session

Your FEARS are a treasure map to your Superpowers!!!!


Discover Your World Power

12 Week Journey to discover how to design winning environments and live an inspired life

We know that humans are always adapting to the world around them while at the same time creating the world as a reflection of themselves.  What if you could design the world around you so that you could become who you desire to be AND evolve in unexpected often delightful ways?

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process to go from work to play

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We approach mindfulness with art. Why art? The right side of your brain is full of creativity, intuition, among other things. Most people do not use it enough because our paradigm is to be logical and rational thinking in terms of rules, tasks, and get it done. Art provides a form of focused meditation that not only guides persons to stay present but also explore the representation and abstract creativity that the logical side can benefit from.

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Play Your Day

Map the Processes

When humans know what they need to do, how to do it, and have the tools they need the magic of engagement happens. The foundation of building trust is all within giving humans the ability to repeat meaningful actions. Seeing, hearing and being a part of the process then allows for input and perspective from a team working towards a common purpose. Mapping the plays of the day allows for clarity.

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Get Social


Understanding purpose is how we best thrive and play for each day. Embrace the age of connectivity and start telling the story of your business. To be an effective story teller you must bring value to everyone that you connect with. Getting to know your brand so well that you know how it would behave at a party will help guide the digital strategy

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